This Week’s Craigslist finds

September 28, 2017

Yellow Rose Life Craigslist Finds

As decorating continues in the apartment, my husband has been receiving lots of “can you pick up ___ on your way home?” texts 🙂 Here are this week’s Craigslist finds! 

<< I wrote this post the week before Harvey, just now getting it published! I’ll be publishing more, current Craigslist finds next week! OR… if you follow me on Instagram @yellowroselife, I sometimes post my finds there! >>


Craigslist finds at Yellow Rose Life

Yesterday I picked up these 2 windows from a 1940’s farmhouse in Magnolia, TX that was being renovated. They had about 20 windows that were multi-pane,  but these split-pane windows just spoke to me. They were so dirty. I cleaned them up, exposing all their chippy-ness (my own word for chipped paint… you’re welcome) and they’re going to be the perfect addition to the apartment living room.



Rustic Coffee Table- Craigslist finds at Yellow Rose Life  Rustic Coffee Table- Craigslist finds at Yellow Rose Life

I sent my husband alone for this piece after he got off work. In all fairness, I was home juggling three kids for dinner and baths, so he got the easy deal!! Anywho, I hardly EVER do that (not laying eyes on it before buying), but I just knew I had to have it. To be honest… the more beat up the better with this one, so I didn’t really care about condition per say. As long as it wasn’t completely falling apart, I wanted it! It will also find a place in the living room of the apartment for now. Unless I steal it for the main house later…. a very strong possibility.

Stay tuned for more Craigslist finds in the future.  A couple times a month, I’m going to post all the fun things I find!

For more tips and tricks on how I find great stuff on Craigslist check out 5 Easy Tips to Shop Craigslist and Craigslist Search Secrets!

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