How I Sold My House in 2 Weeks, and Got More than My Asking Price

June 5, 2017

I Sold my House in 2 Weeks, You can too! || Yellow Rose Life ||

 How I Sold My House in 2 Weeks, and Got More than My Asking Price:

When we found out we were having our third baby, we both knew it was time for more space. We called a local realtor in Cypress, TX and got the process started. BUT before the sign went out front, I prepared the house. Remember I did have 2 kids, and toys were everywhere. We also had collected furniture over the years, and needed to get pictures of every room. After I was done and the house was “officially”  listed, it didn’t take long to get an offer! This is how I sold my house in 2 weeks and got more than the asking price. 

Jumping right in!… 3 major items you MUST do if you are listing your home for sale.

  • De-clutter

  • Stage your home

  • Have quality photography in your listing


(The house we sold. We were in a tract neighborhood, so there were several homes with the same floor plan. We needed to stand out!)

First off, de-clutter. Pack everything you have not used in the last 6 months. Donate everything you have not used in the last year. We rented a storage unit for $160 (per month) to store all the boxes. One important thing to remember when de-cluttering, all counters should be clean and clear. I already know what you’re thinking, I use EVERYTHING on the counters…. how am I going to do this?!?






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Get a couple of boxes and pack up items in your cabinets you don’t use on a weekly basis. For example, I packed up my Christmas bowls and cups, party platters, food processor, electric griddle, etc… you get the idea. Then, place items you keep on the counters in the cabinets! You still have access to them, but they are hidden from view. Ohh and don’t forget, clean out closets too! Get some more boxes and pack up what you won’t need in the next few months, including anything you haven’t worn in 6 months.  Buyers look in closets!


IMG_8310.jpg    IMG_8312.jpg

<Need shoe organization?? Click HERE, then look above>

Another thing, while you’re packing up what you won’t need in the next few months, make a donation pile for anything that you haven’t used or worn in the last year. I love purging my closet. Such a clean feeling.

IMG_8369.jpg    IMG_8297.jpg


Next, staging is a MUST MUST MUST.

There is a reason model homes sell houses. If staging is out of your comfort zone or beyond your capabilities, hire someone. There are many people that do this for a living. I did it myself, but decorating and decor are my niche’. Buyers want to picture themselves and their possessions in your home. Reduce furniture to only necessity items, and remove all family photos. I like to use baskets or serving trays to organize and create visual interest. Again, the storage unit was used to remove extra furniture.






Lastly, first impressions are everything!

The first time a buyer sees your home will most likely be on the internet. We live in a viral world and it’s how most buyers shop. I used the internet to look for our new house, and you will probably do the same! Most quality realtors will have a professional photographer shoot your home’s photos. However, I have seen it all too often when pictures look like they were taken on an old flip phone… yuck, NEXT, don’t like that house. Don’t be afraid to tell your realtor if you’re not happy with the photos. EVEN BETTER, ask your realtor to see pictures of their current listings before hiring them. Good photos will bring in the buyers! Trust me.

Ok, you de-cluttered, you staged, and you have awesome photos… now what?

Go the extra mile! Get the grass cut on the regular, put down new mulch, plant some flowers, and get the bushes trimmed. Not only will this instantly improve cub appeal, but it tells buyers you love and care for your home.

When you know there is a showing, make all the beds and get all the dishes out of the sink. Remember, MODEL HOME.

Not a requirement, but every 3-4 days I also placed fresh flowers in the kitchen and bathrooms. Use a vase like THIS,  like the one my kitchen table.  Not only are flowers pretty, but they smell good! Ooh yeah, that reminds me… go easy on artificial scents. Some just outright stink (to me), and it could turn off buyers thinking you are covering up other smells.





OK! Now your home is ready to sell! I know you’ll sell it fast!

Now you have SOLD it, you have to pack. EEEK! Find out how I reduced stress while packing.

I sold my house in 2 weeks, and for more than the asking price!

I did all the things I have listed above. After 2 weeks on the market and only about a dozen showings, we had 2 offers! We then accepted an offer for more $$ SCORE!!!

Oh wait we sold our house… now we need to buy one.

Good thing we found one, but after the lease-back, we were homeless for 4 weeks until closing! See how we stayed organized between homes.






I Sold my House in 2 Weeks, You can too! || Yellow Rose Life ||



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    Great advice as we have been trying to sell our home for 6 months now. Thank you!

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      I’m glad you liked it! Feel free to email me if you ever have any questions!

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    Barbara Alfeo

    Great advice and the pictures really help! thank you!

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      Yes! I think pictures can really sell houses!

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    Wow, you did an amazing job staging your home! No wonder you were able to sell it so fast and above asking! That’s awesome! Congrats!

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      Thank you so much!

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    Omg that is a gorgeous home. You did a great job staging and taking clear bright photos. I have complete house envy here since it’s nearly impossible to own in Southern California.

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    Sónia Rodrigues Pinto

    I don’t have an house yet, so I obviously can’t say much about the matter, but your house looked lovely! Amazing taste 🙂


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